Preschool graduates move on to participate in the Pre-Kindergarten program. There are three different Pre-Kindergarten options.

AM Pre-K: This class is a mixed age group of younger FOURS and older THREES. Approximately half of the class will be moving onto Kindergarten at the end of the year while half will come back for PM or Full Day Pre-k. The class meets Tuesday – Friday from 8:45–11:30.
PM Pre-K : This class is a mix of mid to older FOUR YEAR OLDS. The class meets Tuesday – Friday from 12:30-3:15.  It is designed for children who will be moving on to Kindergarten at the end of the year.
FULL DAY  Pre-K (new September 2017): This class is for older FOUR YEAR OLDS and younger FIVE YEAR OLDS.   The class meets Tuesday – Friday from 9:00-1:30.

This is a great choice for children who have a fall birthday and miss the kindergarten cutoff as well as those children who may have a late summer birthday and although could go to kindergarten, would benefit from the gift of time of another year.
Each prekindergarten class has an enrollment of 18 children and 2 qualified teachers.

Goals for the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum include:
The primary goal of our programs at BECC is to provide a positive school experience in an environment that is nurturing and enriching. Each day consists of open room time, a teacher guided project, circle time, story, music, snack and outside play. Our curriculum is peppered with readiness skills and is centered around units of learning. The subjects of our learning units cover a wide range of topics that expand on the interests of the children in our class.
We offer a program that allows pre-kindergarten children to have a routine and use familiar things while encountering new horizons. Children try out new ideas and materials, imagine, socialize, express themselves, make things, listen, sing and dance- all important foundations of future learning. We seek to facilitate the process of learning to be a friend by encouraging children to use their words, share their ideas and listen to others. We welcome parent participation in class and endeavor to keep parents informed through monthly calendars and newsletters. We find the world of four and five year olds to be wild and wonderful! Our year is filled with exciting discoveries and millions of smiles.  In a rich environment, children learn through hands on experiences. They are continually challenged in an age appropriate way.  The children discover, create, explore, and experiment each day and leave BECC fully confident for any challenge to come.