The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the RI Early Learning and Development Standards (RIELDS) provide the framework for our curriculum. The guidance provided by both of these organizations is grounded in solid child development theory and research.

Our program curriculum is developmentally appropriate which simply means that we teach in ways that match the manner in which children develop best – through hands on play. Our curriculum fosters readiness skills in an environment that is multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary and respects the individual differences of each child’s developmental level, learning style, and interests. We offer a program that allows children to have a routine as well as encounter new horizons. At BECC children try new ideas and materials, imagine, socialize, express themselves, create, discover, sing, dance, help and listen – all important foundations of a lifelong future of learning.

Through thoughtful planning, teachers are committed to addressing the goals and objectives in the following nine domains of child development: cognitive development, social and emotional development, language development and communication, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts, and physical health and development.

The curriculum at BECC consists of five areas and the complete document is available to review at the school:

1. What Children Learn (Content)
2. How Children Learn (Process)
3. The Teachers Role and Teaching Strategies (Interactions)
4. The Learning Environment and Materials (Context)
5. The Role of Families (Family Engagement)